If life gives you lemons… Finance of America Mortgage gives you HELOC! HELOC is a simultaneous 10/20 Home Equity Line of Credit. It gives borrowers the flexibility to take additional draws, and remains open so that borrowers have access to their equity to spend as they wish.

Spend On

  • New Furniture
  • Cash Out
  • College Payments
  • Rainy Day Fund
  • A Vacation
  • A New Car
  • Bills
  • Anything!

Program Details

  • Purchase and Refinance
  • 680 minimum credit score
  • Line limit up to $499,999
  • Minimum line amount $10,000
  • 43% DTI
  • Primary Residence and Second Home
  • 1-4 units, PUD and Warrantable condos
  • Up to 95% CLTV
  • ARM – Month to month variable rate
  • Not available in Texas

HELOC lines of credit are especially attractive to…

  • Borrowers looking for a line of credit.
  • Borrowers wanting to avoid unexpected expense emergencies.
  • Home owners wanting to tap into their home’s equity.


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