Two-X Flex: 1-Year

Two-X Flex 1-Year is a product for borrowers looking for jumbo financing while utilizing just 1 year of documentation. It is also a great option for self-employed borrowers. This new proprietary loan offering gives borrowers even more purchasing power allowing them to qualify based on as little as one year of documentation.

Program Details

  • 1-year of income documentation used for qualifying
  • Wage earner and self-employed borrowers
  • Up to 90% LTV with no MI
  • As low as 640 minimum FICO
  • $100,000 minimum loan amount
  • Up to $3,000,000 maximum loan amount
  • 30 year fixed
  • 5/1, 7/1 and 10/1 ARM –fully amortizing and interest only
  • Primary Residence, Second Homes, Investment Properties
  • Up to 50% DTI
  • Available in all states
  • 1-2 units, PUD and warrantable condo

Two-X Flex: 1-Year loans are especially attractive to…

  • Borrowers who are self employed.
  • Borrowers looking for Jumbo financing and have 1 years’ documentation rather than the traditional 2 years.

Loan Features

  • Exclusively from Finance of America Mortgage

    Two-X Flex: 1-Year is unique to Finance of America Mortgage. No other lender has it, which makes this financing type one of a kind.

  • Only One Year of Bank Statements Required

    Qualified borrowers need only provide one year's worth of bank statements to receive approval.

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