Designed with our advisors in mind

Automation allows our advisors to focus on their pipeline and building relationships


XM Propriety Platform

  • An Enterprise CRM and multi-channel marketing collateral resource that integrates with XP and many other sales tools to increase automation and efficiency.
    • Real-time integration with our LOS, Two-XP
    • Co-brand with business partners
    • Email /Print / Social / Video
      • Over 800 emails
      • Over 1400 print pieces
      • Over 450 social graphics
    • Automated customer email journeys
    • Alerts for tasks, calendar, property listings, retention, and follow-ups
    • Single property websites
    • Integrations to Mortgage Coach, MBS Highway, BombBomb, Office 365, and more
    • Dedicated support and training teams
    • Constant and consistent improvements across digital, marketing, and technology systems
    • FAM Swag Shop with over 220 items!


Marries our technology and the industry’s best technologies

Our marketing and technology stack communicates and synchronizes within our digital environment to increase the opportunities for you to get more business.



Finance of America Mortgage’s Two-XM IQ technology pushes potential deals and opportunities directly to you.

The automated borrower intelligence system alerts our advisors when…

  • Their past customers
    1. Have Their Credit Pulled
    2. List Their Home
    3. Request Equity for Cash Out
  • They’ve been assigned servicing
  • Dedicated Training and Support Teams
  • And more!


Enterprise Sales Tools

  • Tools our advisors need to maximize their efficiency, production, and success!
  • MBS Highway
  • MMI (Mobility RE)
  • BombBomb
  • Mortgage Coach
  • Social Survey


Digital Branding Solutions

    • Social media support through XM
    • Smart Websites with over 120 pieces of content and connected to email drip funnels and conversational marketing tools that capture visitor’s data and put push it directly into your calendar and CRM
    • Local Digital Media Strategy & Execution