• ONE Workflow

Streamlines the customer experience and manages volume and overflow over the entire company and includes our XPRESS Process.

XPRESS Process

  • Highly efficient
  • Allows upfront underwriting for expedited borrower decisions
  • Designed to identify easy “Green Path” loans


  • Communication

Sales and ops are connected at the hip, and one relies on the other. Communication is constant, encouraged, and open at every level.

  • Centralized Ops landing page
  • Tuesday at Two weekly call
  • Top-down approach
  • Access to every level of Operations Leadership
  • Advisors encouraged to reach out to Operations


  • Proactive, not Reactive

Within 24 hours, on March 16, 2020, Operations was 98% fully remote and operational.


  • Operations Stats

First half 2020 Apps, Locks, & Fundings increased at least 65% over first half 2019

  • FAM At-A-Glance Production Stats – 1st Half 2019 vs 1st Half 2020
    • Applications units +66.5%
    • Application volume+74.2%
    • Lock units+ 65.1%
    • Lock volume+ 75.3%
    • Funding units+ 80.3%*
    • Funding Volume+ 95.4%*

*Internal only