Origination Facilitation

Two-XP Propriety Platform
Origination platform built for sales to increase efficiencies and the customer experience throughout the loan process.
An Immersive Advisor Experience with All You’ll Need
• Two-X: Efficiency, Conversions, Transparency
• Quick Quote & Scenario Building
• Single Request for Product, Pricing, Closing Cost, & MI
• Loan Summary and Comparison
• Client Document Management
• Integrated Pre-Approval Letter
• Instant Initial Disclosures
An Immersive Customer Experience – They’ll Never Have to Leave the Page
• A Superior Lending Experience
• Single Entry Point
• Secure
• Optimized for Mobile
• Sign Initial Disclosures
• Documents Uploads
• Real-Time Loan Status Updates
Single Entry Point
One site to log into, one set of credentials, a one-stop-shop – soup to nuts.
Seamless Approach
No jumping from site to site to get your info or being directed outside – it’s all one piece, no seams, no stitches.
Self-service toolsets allow a loan to be submitted directly into underwriting, improving our turn times and the customer experiences.
Day 1 Certainty™
Electronic Date Validation – Simpler, more automated mortgage process for faster approvals
Automation drives cost to originate down
SimplEclose Hybrid
Review final closing docs, eSign docs from home, ink sign remaining docs needing a notary