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Finance of America Mortgage’s Two-X Flex is a suite of mortgage solutions specifically made for your unconventional borrowers in mind. These proprietary loan offerings give borrowers even more purchasing or refinancing power, allowing them to qualify based on factors outside of standard requirements.

Two-X Flex

A full-document product that allows unconventional borrowers to qualify with two years of income documentation and expanded qualifying ratios.

Two-X Flex 1 Year

This option allows some borrowers to qualify based on as little as one year of income documentation.

Key features:

  • Qualify based on most recent year of income documentation
  • Must be self-employed for two years
Two-X Flex Bank

With no tax returns or 4506 required, self-employed borrowers can qualify using bank statement deposits.

Key features:

  • Qualify using 12 or 24 months of bank statement deposits
  • Must be self-employed or 1099 worker
  • Multiple businesses permitted
  • Additional wage earner income permitted
  • Three options to calculate expense ratio
Two-X Flex Asset

With Two-X Flex Asset, borrowers may qualify solely on their existing assets with no employment needed. This can also be combined with the Two-X Flex Product.

Key features:

  • Qualify based on six months of personal assets
  • No employment documentation required
Two-X Flex 1099

With Two-X Flex 1099, borrowers may qualify using single source or multiple sources of 1099 income.

Key features:

  • At least one borrower must receive 1099
  • Borrower must be in same line of work for ≥2 years
  • Single or multiple 1099 income sources
  • W2 employees converted to 1099
Two-X Flex P&L

This product may allow your borrowers to qualify with as little as 12 months of self-employment income from profit and loss (P&L) statements.

Key features:

  • ≥ 1 borrower must be self-employed with ≥50% ownership
  • Borrower must be in line of business for ≥2 years
  • Business must be established for ≥12 months with a minimum prior year third party
  • Up to 3 businesses permitted

A loan solution for every experience and every scenario

  • Direct seller to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, & Ginnie Mae means little to no overlays
  • Proprietary Products like Two-X Flex Suite for unconventional transactions
  • Innovative relationship with the agencies
  • A focus on the advisor’s needs
  • Approved by all major Jumbo investors
  • Finance of America Reverse – One of the best reverse products and teams in the business!
    • Exceptional customer service
    • Years of Experience with Reverse
    • SilverNest*
    • Proprietary Product HomeSafe®**
    • Finance of America Commercial – Some of the most competitive commercial and rental products in the industry!
      • Fix & Flip Loans
      • Bridge Loans
      • Single Rental Loans
      • New Construct ion Portfolio
    • Dedicated Renovation Lending Team
    • Keep Home’” by Framework”: Homebuyer education in a fraction of the time from Fannie Mae!

    *Silvernest is a home-sharing platform that uses detailed profile analysis to match homeowners with potential housemates.
    **HomeSafe loan limits are higher than the government-insured HECM loans, up to four million dollars, while offering similar protections and features to the borrower. HomeSafe borrowers enjoy no mortgage insurance premiums. competitive fixed interest rates, and no out-of-pocket funds required beyond the appraisal (except for purchase).

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