Don’t Take Our Word For It

They Deliver

Headshot of Shadia Museitif-Stewart

“It’s not a one-size-fits-all here. They’re looking for people who want to deliver the best service to their customers, that want to be able to enjoy their kid’s soccer game without worrying about underwriting. They want to have a life, and you want to be able to deliver. And, they deliver.”

Shadia Museitif-Stewart
Producing Branch Manager | NMLS-261869
Kenosha, WI
With FAM since 2020

All the Support You Could Ask For

Headshot of Scott Brookshire

“It starts from the top down. We get the support we need to do the things that we do. And, year after year after year we’ve just seen continual growth in our branch. And it comes from what we’ve done at the grassroots – marketing that we have done to build our local presence here. And, I think again, just the freedom to run how we want to run, and how we want to grow our branch, and do what we want to do with all the support you could ever ask for.”

Scott Brookshire 
Producing Branch Manager | NMLS-198834
Winchester, VA
With FAM since 2008

Empowering You

Headshot of Anna Ruotolo

“The one thing that I could have never expected, which has been the biggest joy in being with Finance of America Mortgage, is that they allow you to grow your branch and run your branch. They totally empower you totally, they trust you, they have the support there, they have the technology, they have the teams, but they let you run it based on your area, on your region, on your people – whatever you need to do.”

Anna Ruotolo
Producing Branch Manager | NMLS-248946
Danville, CA
With FAM since 2015

Part of Something Bigger

Headshot of Tim Rowen

“The support, whether it’s from sales, staffing the support, whatever the case is – to be a part of something bigger than just that single person, or couple person broker shop… that has just made all the sense in the world for us, and of course it’s only gotten better and better and better. It’s like, ‘wow,’ they’re just knocking it out of the park!”

Tim Rowen
Producing Branch Manager | NMLS-273473
El Dorado Hills, CA
With FAM since 2008

Amazing Tools

Headshot of Anna Ruotolo

“The tools we have are amazing. Everything from Mortgage Coach to Two-XM IQ, to Two-XM, and now WOWMI, and we’re a huge MBS Highway shop… Everything for technology we’ve come so far, and I can see the vision of where we’re still going with it.”

Anna Ruotolo
Producing Branch Manager | NMLS-248946
Danville, CA
With FAM since 2015

Doubled My Business

Headshot of Adrianne Pozzi

“The thing about being with Finance of America Mortgage is that it’s doubled my business. Hands down. It’s given me the confidence to go out and say, ‘I can help you.’ Because I know, when I’m confident that I have the backing to be able to handle that business – I have the processors, I have the great underwriters, I have the management team. I would just say that that’s the biggest thing.”

Adrianne Pozzi
Producing Branch Manager | NMLS-340366
Roseville, CA
With FAM since 2016

Go Forth and Produce

Headshot of Tabitha Scott

“Honestly, one of the things that we love the most about Finance of America Mortgage is the ability to focus on our branch – just saying go forth and produce. Do your business the way you always have, and not stand in our way, but always being there to support us. I’ve never felt so supported. I’d say that’s the biggest difference, and it works.”

Tabitha Scott
Producing Branch Manager | NMLS-542699
Anchorage, AK
With FAM since 2019

Need an Introduction?

Finance of America Mortgage LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We’re dedicated to creating a positive workplace environment, which means ensuring that we offer a comprehensive suite of benefits to promote health and financial security for employees and their families. Finance of America Mortgage offers a variety of options for health, dental, vision and other coverage, in addition to a matching 401(k) program.

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