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5 Ways To Up Your Curb Appeal Game During The Holidays

This holiday season, you might be preparing to put your current home on the market while you search for something new. While late fall and winter may offer less competition from other home sellers, you’ll still need to showcase what makes your home special to catch the eye of potential buyers.

Stepping up your holiday curb appeal can work to your advantage. Use these tips to add some festive flair to your home’s exterior this holiday season:

1. Add fresh greenery

If cold weather leaves your flower beds wilting, sprucing them up with fresh greenery is a simple way to add holiday curb appeal. Replace dead or dying plants with potted evergreens, holly, creeping juniper, cold-weather resistant succulents, or clippings of mistletoe. Potted poinsettias can add an extra pop of color, too. Extend the theme beyond flower beds by incorporating greenery along porch railings or framing your doorway. Complete the look with a matching wreath.

2. Keep holiday lighting tasteful

Going full-National Lampoon’s Vacation with holiday lighting may sound fun, but it can take attention away from the real star of the show — your home. As you plan holiday lighting, consider the overall mood you want to evoke. White icicle lights can create a dreamy wonderland effect, while LED candles in each window can give your home an inviting glow. Or, consider incorporating lighting that can extend beyond the holiday season. Lanterns and luminaries, for example, can be used to light walkways and boost curb appeal any time of year.

3. Set the scene with holiday props

Creating a winter-themed tableau as a focal point for buyers is another way to add major holiday curb appeal. A stack of chopped firewood, an old sled, a miniature Christmas tree, baskets of pine cones, topiaries made of ornaments, ribbons and bows, wrapped boxes, a plate of milk and cookies, or an old pair of ice skates are some of the items you can arrange to create an inviting holiday scene around your entryway.

4. Trim your mailbox

Your mailbox may not seem like the most important part of your home’s curb appeal, but depending on how your home is positioned, it may be the first thing buyers notice when they arrive. Spruce it up for the holidays by wrapping it with a garland made of fresh greenery, pine cones and burlap, or add a brightly colored bow and a few sprigs of holly. Keep mailbox decorations in tune with the theme for the rest of your home to tie it all together.

5. Finish with a basic tidy up

As you make your holiday curb appeal list and check it twice, remember to tackle basic landscaping chores. Trim back or remove any dead branches or bushes, bag up any stray leaves and give the lawn a trim if needed. Edge your driveway and if you live in an area that gets ice and snow in winter, make sure walkways are properly treated to prevent slips and falls.

Get ready to sell so you’re ready to buy

These tips can help you get your home ready to sell just in time for the holidays. And if you need a little help deciding what type of home you want to buy, read this story next on what to look for as you shop for a property.

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