Paula Harvey

Mortgage Advisor

35 Iron Point Circle, Suite 200
Folsom, CA 95630
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About Me

Paula has had experience in the mortgage and real estate industry for over twenty-three years, plus an additional decade in the financial sector. Prior to joining Alpine Mortgage Planning now Finance of America Mortgage as a Mortgage Advisor, Paula worked in the Commercial Real Estate industry encompassing leasing, development and lending; as well as in the Residential Real Estate Industry with some key lenders gaining experience in the industry.

When at Intel, she worked first as a Manager of the Central Network Account Administration team where she was responsible for the management of Intel’s security network access; and the following three years acted as the sole Product Manager for Intel’s Messaging Infrastructure worldwide with over 100,000 customers.

Paula’s tenure and broad range of experience in the real estate and professional fields has won her many awards for her outstanding customer service, team work and her ability to tenaciously see each task and project through to the end. Paula possesses extraordinary organizational skills, attention to detail, and an outstanding ability and desire to create a close partnership with each of her clients. She understands the disquieted feeling that often accompanies the purchase or refinance of a home, and is dedicated to standing beside each and every client and working each detail perpetually to the close.

Paula similarly perceives the need in retaining a long term relationship with each of her clients and business associates, providing them with one source for all their mortgage needs and the comfort of having Paula “working for and with you”.

As evidence of Paula’s outstanding service, she was nominated by one of her clients, and is now a member of the National Register’s “Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals?”

As part of Paula’s outstanding customer service, she provides free pre-qualifications and free mortgage consultations. “I believe my job is to do more than just provide a mortgage for my clients. Since purchasing a home is probably the largest debt each of us will ever undertake, I believe it is important to work and integrate your overall long and short term financial goals into your mortgage.” Call Paula today to learn more about designing the right loan program for you and your family.

How I Work For You

Paula’s responsibility as a Home Loan Strategist is to educate you on how the loan process works. She will explain to you the different loan programs and will give you the information you need to help you make an informed decision about the best program and interest rate for your needs. She monitors the financial markets, tracks the bond market throughout the day, and employs the use of several rate watch services to make sure we are obtaining the best terms possible for you from over fifty wholesale lenders that we use.

My Passion and Goals

Paula is passionate about the American Dream of home ownership as she believes there is a greater pride in our country that comes from those who own their own little piece of America. There is no other country in the world that makes it so readily possible to own our own home, and Paula’s goal is to help at least 100 families every year to attain their very own dream and to share the excitement and joy associated with this great accomplishment.

A Personal Note

I am proud to have raised my son single-handedly who is now 24 and well on his way to an enriched life. As both moms and dads know, it is not always easy to be a parent, but it is certainly the most rewarding accomplishment and will always be my goal to make a positive difference in my son’s life and to and help strengthen his foundation to help catapult him in the road that is his own life.

I am very proud to say that Ryan still likes to hang around with me and isn’t embarrassed to hug me around his friends. It has been such a joy watching him grow up and just hanging out with him. It is so wonderful to see him grow and watch him become his own individual and make the choices in his life that form his character. It is truly a miracle!

When it comes to my life and who I am, it is so important to be the best person I can be and to focus on living my life from the inside out. As I strive for my ultimate goal of inner peace, I am blessed every day of my life to cross paths with some of the most amazing people that have all touched my life in one way or another. I believe there is a greater purpose in my life, and I am most driven to be of service to others, to touch peoples’ lives in very positive ways.
I love the feeling I get from performing random acts of kindness in life every day. It is so pleasing to touch someone’s life with even something as simple as a gleaming smile, a gentle touch or a kind word. It is important to me to always remember to make the most of every moment in my life and beware of any moments that attempt to slip quietly away when I’m not looking.

Family and gentleness is the engine in my life, and laughter the wheels that turn my moments into meaning. I wish for each person to hear the songs in the wind that place the beautiful smiles on your faces lit from your very soul.

Have a truly remarkable day and enjoy each moment in your road of life!

What Customers Are Saying

Hi Paula, You are simply the BEST! I so appreciate your customer service and professionalism. We could not have chosen a better person or company to work with. Thank you so much for all you are doing for us and the guidance you are giving. Kindest regards

- Ruth Normandin

I think I started this journey about 5 weeks ago, maybe less. I told you that the last two loan processes were with Prospect Mortgage. Both times were a... "
Read More

- Peter Snodgrass

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