Settlement Agent and Notary

Simplify your closings. Get loan and refinance closings done more simply and quickly.

  • Using SimplEclose, borrowers will have the ability to sign the majority of their closing documents electronically in advance of their settlement appointment, making the final signing appointment a fast and simple process.

  • Upon receipt of the closing package, the Settlement Agent will access the documents within the Simplifile portal and prepare their title documents for secure delivery to the notary.

  • On the day of closing the borrower will attend the signing appointment with the notary and electronically or ink sign just the remaining documents that require notarization.

  • For all electronically signed and notarized documents there is no further action required on the Settlement Agent or notaries part!  These are automatically delivered to Finance of America through our Simplifile integration.  Any ink signature documents can be delivered through the Simplifile system as well or can follow the Settlement Agent/notary’s current secure delivery process.