Alaya Linton

Alaya Linton is a personal financial coach, speaker, and freelance writer. Alaya’s blog, Hope+Cents, provides encouragement, guidance, and hope to women looking to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, take control of their money, and create and live a better financial future. Alaya’s writing and personal story have been featured in multiple publications, including U.S. News & World Report, LendingTree, The Balance, Sisters from AARP, GOBankingRates, and AOL Finance.

Articles by Alaya Linton

When you apply for a home loan, one option to consider is an adjustable-rate mortgage, or ARM. An ARM loan has a lower fixed interest rate for the first years of repayment, then the ARM resets and the interest rate can go up or down throughout the r... read more

An escrow holdback allows a real estate transaction to close even if repairs or renovations are incomplete. At closing, a portion of the seller’s funds is held back and used to establish a repair escrow account to cover the cost of the improve... read more

Refinancing a rental property requires jumping through a few more hoops than you would with a regular refi, but it can be a wise choice for some investment property owners. Refinancing a rental home can lower your monthly payment, free up cash flo... read more

Home foreclosure is the legal process that allows a lender to take possession of a property if the borrower fails to pay their mortgage. The home foreclosure process includes multiple stages, beginning when the home loan becomes delinquent and endin... read more

How Closing on a House Works

Closing on a house is the final phase of the homebuying process. If you’re approaching closing day, congratulations; you’re close to owning a home! But before you can call the home yours, you’ll have to navigate the steps of the house closing ... read more

A mortgage preapproval is an essential part of the homebuying process. Getting a mortgage preapproval involves submitting a mortgage application and a thorough vetting of your credit, income, and finances. Getting preapproved before you begin hou... read more

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