Becca Stanek

Becca Stanek has worked as an editor and writer in the personal finance space since 2017. She previously served as the managing editor for investing and savings at LendingTree and as an editor at SmartAsset focused on financial advisor content. Prior to that, she was a staff writer on The Week where she covered news and politics. Becca is based in Valatie, New York, and is currently freelancing while she earns her MFA in creative writing from Queens University in Charlotte.

Articles by Becca Stanek

Upfront underwriting is when a lender processes a mortgage before the borrower chooses a property. Because upfront underwriting takes place prior to the buyer making an offer on a home, it can give shoppers an advantage in a competitive market. Many... read more

A non-arm’s length transaction occurs when you buy property from a relative, friend, or someone with whom you’re in business. Lenders may impose stiffer requirements for mortgage loans for non-arm’s length real estate transactions because ther... read more

At least three business days prior to closing on a home mortgage, buyers will receive a closing disclosure. This important document summarizes all of the details of a new home loan and what’s owed in order to close on the purchase. It’s critical... read more

An escrow holdback allows a real estate transaction to close even if repairs or renovations are incomplete. At closing, a portion of the seller’s funds is held back and used to establish a repair escrow account to cover the cost of the improve... read more

Receiving gift money for down payments can offer buyers much relief from an otherwise huge financial commitment. If you’re a first-time homebuyer, receiving this type of assistance can be especially useful, considering there are many other costs y... read more

As a homebuyer, you get the deed upon closing, but your ownership rights may not be watertight without the protection of a title insurance policy. Suppose you later discover that the seller wasn’t the true owner. Or, someone sues you saying they h... read more

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